Retrain the Brain after a Relationship with a Narcissist

The brain is magical, studies have shown the brain remembers the past and can hold on to ideologies that we have been taught — whether good or bad. Research has estimated that we think up to 70,000…


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What If I Die Young?

What if I die young and never make it?

What if all my glory days are behind me?

What if these plans never come to fruition?

What if death is waiting just outside my door the next time I open it?

What if the world never yields, and I never get what I want?

What if it’s all downhill here from here — and I degenerate, degenerate, degenerate into nothing?

What if all I am is all I’ll ever be?

What if it's true that nobody even cares?

What if everything I hate about myself consumes me, and I stay trapped in it forever?

What if this is the ugly truth of who I am…

Maybe I have nothing to say, and I will never rise to the heights of glory I’ve dreamed of. Maybe it’s all too late, and I’m washed up, dried up, missed the boat.

Maybe I just don’t have the grit or self-discipline.

Maybe everything they said about me is right.

Maybe my worst fear is staying the same…

Sometimes I ride them, sometimes I’m dragged.

But I can only get pinned if I resist.

And the truth is, I have no desire to resist. Tides change, and they pull me this way and that. Who am I to fight? Who am I to argue with the tides? And even if I wanted to, what direction should I steer them?

All there is to do is float, no matter where you are. All you can do is go with it. Why fight? Where are you trying to end up?

Relax young one. There is nowhere to go. All you can do is surf when the tides are in, and get dragged if you must.

Don’t resist. Just float. Enjoy the waves.

It will all be over soon enough.

Tides do change — predictably, every time.

And if this is the end, I accept.

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