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Retrain the Brain after a Relationship with a Narcissist

Is it Possible?

The brain is magical, studies have shown the brain remembers the past and can hold on to ideologies that we have been taught — whether good or bad.

When our brain and body remember, we can subconsciously perform in ways that are predicable according to how we have lived in the past.

Even after years of gaslighting, emotional abuse or manipulation and false truths, messages can be buried deep within the brain — and the brain remembers it.

Sometimes this can even occur with our own subconscious reinforcement. Our brain remembers and subsequently our body remembers. It remembers the pain.

We have to retrain the brain to move forward by creating new memories and let go of the things in the past.

We literally have to create new mindsets. Things in the future will not always be perfect, but resetting our mindset will get us to the next step.

In this article, we are going to discuss 5 ways to retrain our brain so we can move forward past the past, create new mindsets and retrain our brain to get out of our past repeated patterns which are detrimental to our mental health in recovering from narcissistic abuse trauma.

We were created by two individuals for this exact day and age. We were gifted with talents and skills (known and unknown) to adapt and learn and to be who we are.

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