Bibit Tin Ungu Buah Purple Yordan Jordan Pohon Pekalongan Terlaris

bibit tin ungu buah purple yordan jordan pohon Spesifikasi : Nama : Tin Ungu. Nama ilmiah : Ficus Carica. Asal bibit : Cangkok, stek. Tinggi bibit : 20cm — 25cm Area tanam optimal : Dataran rendah…


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Putin’s the world’s angry ex. We’ve moved on, and they can’t find happiness on their own; endlessly reliving the past, on toxic loop, attempting to get a do-over on the relationship they can’t accept is over. Trying to relitigate the past, drawing others into it. Not respecting boundaries. Causing everyone around them misery.

Meanwhile, Putin’s also an unhinged incompetent global thrill seeker; an aging — and now quite possibly complexly demented — out of shape Jackass wannabe who just jumped out of a plane with a baseball bat and told China to bring him a chute.

Excerpted, adapted from 8-mins on Vlad’s endgame/s: Inside Putin’s Head? President Xi, Rasputin’s Ghost, and a Bag of Cats

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