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Jooby Growth Club and Metaspacecy Have Recently Formed an Exciting Partnership!

Jooby Growth Club and Metaspacecy have recently formed an exciting partnership with a shared objective of cultivating an inclusive Web3 environment and expanding the NFT community. By leveraging their expertise and pooling their resources, these two entities aim to pave the way for a more immersive and collaborative digital landscape.

At the heart of this collaboration is Metaspacecy, a captivating Open Metaverse that offers 3D virtual spaces where local businesses and players can create, own, and monetize immersive experiences. By blurring the boundaries between the physical and digital realms, Metaspacecy strives to provide a deeply engaging metaverse where individuals can collaboratively construct and enjoy virtual worlds and games, free from centralized control.

This partnership hold immense potential for businesses, as it empowers them to transform their physical establishments into virtual spaces. This shift enables customers to carry out their everyday activities, such as meetings, studying, and shopping, within the virtual world, offering them a more convenient, exciting, and immersive experience. Furthermore, this virtual presence grants brands a competitive advantage, allowing them to efficiently market their products and services to customers within these gaming spaces.

Metaspacecy is committed to addressing the challenges that have plagued Web2 games, including creator rights, ownership disputes, copyright infringement, and fair payment. Through their base game and virtual spaces, users can indulge in pre-built environments and joyful games, and then progress to create, play, build, and trade within their own worlds, all without centralized control. To ensure ownership and copyright protection, Metaspacecy leverages NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), which assign a unique and immutable blockchain identifier to every in-game item.

The Metaspacecy ecosystem comprises four interconnected products that enrich the user experience:

Marketplace: The NFT Marketplace allows users to create, sell, purchase, bid on, collect, trade, and showcase assets made in the Space Builder SDK. This marketplace also supports associated tokens, such as ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens.

The Convergence: The Convergence serves as an infinite universe where owners of asset NFTs can creatively assemble their creations or acquire additional assets. This universe offers limitless possibilities for users to explore and interact within.

Virtual Spaces: Metaspacecy provides initial models of virtual spaces that act as unique environments for the continuous production, modification, dissemination, and use of information by individuals and organizations.

Space Builder: The Space Builder is a user-friendly 3D SDK developed by Metaspacecy. This tool enables developers to easily create and animate 3D objects, such as people, creatures, foliage, and tools. These creations can then be exported to The Convergence, empowering users to build an infinite ecosystem within the Metaspacecy marketplace.

Metaspacecy invites users on a journey through the metaverse, gradually introducing them to its future-focused concept. Starting with virtual places like Virtual Xmas Xspace and Virtual F1 Xspace, users can explore diverse environments and engage in activities such as Virtual Meetings, Virtual Sports, Virtual Museums, Virtual Exhibitions, and even experience the vibrant ambiance of Virtual Times Square. Each virtual model, both existing and forthcoming, is meticulously designed to provide users with effective and gradual education.

On the other hand, Jooby Growth Club brings its expertise as a community-driven growth hacking club to this partnership that specializes in offering brands and businesses strong recognition, heightened awareness, effective customer acquisition, measurable metrics, and an extensive global reach among targeted audiences. Jooby’s ultimate goal is to establish a unique growth hacking ecosystem on Web 3.0 called “Gribbit World.” This ecosystem aims to unlock boundless growth potential for brands, businesses, protocols, creators, and advertisers alike.

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