La primera fundida de laboratorio de la historia de Innovaminex

Aunque puedan parecer lo mismo, fundir y derretir el oro no es lo mismo. Cuando derretimos oro lo hacemos con el objetivo de calentar el metal valioso hasta dejarlo en un estado líquido para hacer…


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First Marriage Down the Tubes

My son and I stayed at my mom’s house until my dad could get things situated at his house. Her house was a tiny one bedroom house she rented, so we were all crammed. Thankfully, we only had to stay with her for about ten days. Her and I were not on the best of terms, but she tolerated us because it was temporary. I filed divorce papers a few days after leaving my abusive husband. My son and I scrambled to put whatever we could fit in garbage bags. My mom picked us up. I left a lot of stuff behind, but it was just stuff.

The lawyer I hired knew my financial situation was dire but he worked out a payment plan. I was working as a pharmacy technician, so I knew paying the lawyer over time would work out.

My lawyer sent the divorce papers out to my husband. Of course, my husband contacted my lawyer as soon as he got the papers, to contest the divorce. I sat in my lawyers office, frustrated, wondering how long my husband will drag out the divorce. My lawyer already knew all the dirt on my husband so he reassured it will be okay. He said, “If he wants to fight it, let him. I will make his life a living hell. Once I am done with him, I will have him deported, for living here illegally. Trust me.”

“How are you going to convince him to come in and sign the papers?” I asked.

“I’ll make it worth his while. I will explain things concisely and clear for him. He will understand me once I am done speaking to him over the phone,” my lawyer said calmly. I fidgeted in the chair.

“You don’t think I convince him?” my lawyer giving me a quizzed look.

“I just know how difficult he can be,” I answered nervously.

My lawyer got more forthright, “listen, that son of a bitch put you and your son through hell. I won’t back down from chasing him and making his life a living hell. As I said, I will make your husband an offer he will not refuse.”

“How long will you give my husband to show up at your office?” I asked.

“As soon as you leave, I am calling your husband, letting him he has exactly two weeks to show up at my office or else I will pursue him at any and all legal means. Relax Cassandra, I know what I am doing, and I will get him. I promise.”

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