What If I Die Young?

Maybe I have nothing to say, and I will never rise to the heights of glory I’ve dreamed of. Maybe it’s all too late, and I’m washed up, dried up, missed the boat. And the truth is, I have no desire…


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Intelligent Introspection

Sometimes the true wonders of the world get lost in the shuffle of daily life. Just think: thousands of years of evolution and human experiences have resulted in you, a single unique being never to be replicated. Each of us today is a living reminder of all the wisdom and history that came before us.

But how often do we really tap into that? Literally. We’re always tapping away at our phones, projecting ourselves outward. Isn’t it about time we focused some of that energy inwards onto ourselves?

That’s what 500 BC Foundry’s upcoming app is all about: self discovery. Truly reflecting on your own soul can be trickier than it seems; you deserve all the best tools to start you on your journey. TapRoots will be the smartphone’s first platform of introspection. Through it, you can take a break from swiping past all the pictures that offer just superficial glimpses into others’ lives and instead get in touch with what’s right in front of you.

After all, what do all the great thinkers of the past have in common? Cyrus the Great, Buddha, Lao Tzu…they all held the search for self in high esteem. Even more than two thousand years ago, our species knew that self-reflection was the key to unlocking those reserves of resilience we all carry inside us. As Socrates said, “Know thyself, for once we know ourselves, we may learn how to care for ourselves.”

Technology is one of humanity’s greatest achievements, from the earliest rock spears to the modern iPhone, so it’s about time we used these amazing tools to get to know the most influential people in our lives: ourselves. With the upcoming TapRoots app, you’ll have all the tools you need to assess yourself, identifying your inner strengths and areas for improvement (don’t worry, we’ve all got a few of those). Let us help you get your game plan together so you can get out there and absolutely conquer that omnipresent game known as life.

Best of all, TapRoots is fast on its way to you! After years of hard work by the entire 500 BC Foundry team, “the well-being discovery platform your ancestors would love” will be available right at your fingertips. Be sure to sign up to know the moment we go live, and who knows? You may even be one of our lucky prize winners.

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